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WikiShark - An Online Tool for Analyzing Wikipedia Traffic and Trends
Elad Vardi, The Hebrew University
Prof. Lev Muchnik, The Hebrew University
Alex Conway, University of Cape Town
Micha Y. Breakstone, The Hebrew University and MIT
Wiki-Workshop, 2021

WikiShark Poster/Presentation for Wiki Workshop 2021 [View PDF] [HTML VERSION] [ACM DL]

Knowledge and Its Utilization: Wiki Page Views & Stock Market Behavior [View PDF]
Elad Vardi, The Hebrew University
Prof. Lev Muchnik, The Hebrew University
Prof. Josh Madsen, University of Minnesota
Prof. Michal Herzenstein, University of Delaware

How to Investigate Wikipedia
Maha Al Fahim, Sean Gallagher, Miles McCain, Nick Rubin, Stanford Internet Observatory

Mysterious Blips Raise Questions About COVID-19 Timeline
Eric Haseltine Ph.D., May 2020.

What Drives the Competition of Cryptocurrency Exchanges? Examining the Role of the Market and Community [View PDF]
Christian Janze, Ilya Gvozdevskiy - Goethe University Frankfurt
ICIS 2017 Proceedings, 12 2017

Using Open Source Prophet Package to Make Future Predictions in R
Harel Rechavia.
Towards Data Science

Using Wikipedia and Google data to estimate near real-time influenza incidence in Germany: A Tutorial in R
Paul Schneider, Maastricht University, Netherlands Institute of Health Service Research
John Paget, Netherlands Institute of Health Service Research
Peter Spreeuwenberg, Netherlands Institute of Health Service Research
David Barnett, Maastricht University
Christel van Gool, Maastricht University

Ensemble Model for Movie Success Prediction [View PDF]
P Deepthi, S Bhargav, Department of Computer Science Engineering, SRM University
International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering

Boom sospetto di ricerche su Wikipedia durante i test di ammissione
di Bianca Francavilla.
Leggo publishing company, Italy

Crisi di governo, le dimissioni di Conte: "Il governo finisce qui, Salvini ha seguito interessi personali e di partito". Poi sale al Quirinale
Alberto Custodero, Monica Rubino.
La Repubblica, 2017

Bufera per irregolarità durante test d’ammissione alle scuole di specializzazione di Medicina: la scoperta di uno studente catanese
Chiara M. Emma
Live University

Automatic Extraction of Multi-lingual Text and Concept Similarity
Wikimedia Research Grant Proposal

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